AutoCLOSER garage security

garage crime prevention
"Police crime prevention officers agree that keeping the garage door closed is critical to protecting your home and family from garage burglaries and home intrusion.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your garage door will stay closed with Autocloser!"

Automatic garage door closer
garage door opener
garage door automatic open and closer, the AutoCLOSER
Easy installation
Disable button allows door to remain open when needed
Autocloser uses patent-pending SmartClose™ and SmartDetect™ technologies for the safest possible operation
Exclusive I-Opener option adds ultra-secure garage access to your keychain!
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As many as 60% of home burglaries occur in instances where the homeowner has left a garage door open.

The easiest way to prevent a garage burglary in your home, is to keep the garage door closed, but with the busy lifestyle of many families today, this sounds easier than it really is. Make SURE your garage gets closed with the ultimate in garage security—Autocloser!


Autocloser, the automatic garage door closer, works with most garage door openers, and closes your garage door automatically!

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